about Meet ViagemIT We are a purpose-driven IT tech company with hands-on experience in building digital solutions.

Ok, first let us help you how to pronounce ViagemIT. You can say it [via-gem IT]. You can pronounce it that way in English, but feel free to pronounce it in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German…


The company was founded in 2014 with the name idea to contain a keyword related to travel. At that time, a seasoned entrepreneur Ivan Ilijasic was passionate about traveling through Portugal so the first idea was – “Miradouro IT”, however, that word was taken as it was used by another company.


So that way, the “Viagem” (it means “travel” in Portuguese) came along.

Why travel?

We believe creating every new digital project is a journey.


When you travel, you need to have a plan and sometimes you need to decide what is the best way, what you must do NOW, and what should be skipped.


We are helping our clients build a path, understand what are their priorities, help them automate their business and define priorities.

Team of Experts

CEO / Founder
Ivan Ilijasic
Project Manager
Hrvoje S Benjek
Technical Lead
Domagoj Blazonija
Senior Product Designer
Irena Ilic
Content Marketing Manager
Felipe Fonseca
Content Manager
Lidija Šomodi
Project Manager
Ivana Jeftovic

Got A Question?

Our goal is to help you grow your business. Your ideas and desires are important to us, and we will create tailored solutions to make your business better and your clients happier. Let's take a digital step forward, are you ready?