How an IT Partner Can Help With Your Digital Transformation


Investing in your company’s digital transformation is fundamental if you want to stay relevant and beat the competition. It doesn’t matter the type of business or market, technology can always improve things for you, your employees and customers. If you are down to follow this path, the smartest move is to team up with an IT partner.

In this article, we show you how an IT partner can help you achieve your goals and smooth things up for your company’s growth.

Why invest in your company’s digital transformation?

Modernizing your operations, automating repetitive tasks and streamlining processes. If you want to thrive in today’s commercial battlefield, your business needs to embrace emerging technologies and digital channels.

Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to completely transform and modernize business operations, processes, and strategies.

There are many ways to promote the digital transformation of your company. For example, tour operators can use an online booking system to manage reservations, hotels can implement a CRM to automate communication with customers and DMOs can develop a marketplace to promote local tourism.

According to GoTo research, 95% of companies had plans to consolidate their tech tools in 2022.

The benefits of investing in the digital transformation of your company are many, including:

  • Modernizing your business.
  • Increasing your competitiveness.
  • Improving customer and employee satisfaction.
  • Making your operations more efficient and agile.
  • Building a sustainable brand.

This is an investment that pays off in the long run. But making all these changes without an IT partner is overwhelming if you don’t have an IT background or team.

The role of an IT partner in the digital transformation of your company

Implementing new technologies that will power your digital transformation is no easy task. It requires study, planning and expertise. If you don’t have experience in this matter, the attempt of modernizing your business can make more harm than good in the end.

That’s why many companies choose to partner with a technology agency. But what is the role of an IT partner in your digital transformation?

Technology partnerships help organizations implement and optimize their technical systems. These partners are tech companies that work together to build products like apps, integrations, and plugins.

An IT partner will work closely with your team in order to understand your company’s market and operation in order to develop the best solutions that address your specific business needs.

A successful partnership with a tech company is made of:

  • Good communication between your partner and your team.
  • Flexibility to adjust the project to new market conditions.
  • Transparency on your internal processes and data so your IT partner can understand how your company works and better plan the solutions according to your needs.
  • Well-defined project governance.
  • Clear metrics and benchmarks.
  • Project documentation to guide you and your team after the project is over.
  • Post-project relationship between client and IT partner.

Now that you have a clearer idea of what to expect from a partnership with an IT company, time to understand how it can boost your digital transformation.

How an IT partner can guide you in your digital transformation

Tech experts have the right tools and knowledge for creating and implementing innovative solutions for your business. It’s part of their job to understand your company’s needs and challenges in order to identify which tools are more adequate for you to reach your business goals.

But how an IT partner can promote the digital transformation of your company?

Giving you insights and a new perspective on your business challenges

As you are an expert in your field, your IT partner is an expert in developing and implementing new technologies. By working together, you will notice that new and creative solutions will start to pop out from meetings. This is expected since your partner brings a new perspective to the table, which ultimately leads to a new approach to old challenges.

Take a look at this example from one of our clients, a DMO that was struggling to attract more visitors to their destination. After understanding the weaknesses and strengths of the client, our team of experts presented a new solution for their needs, which was developing a platform where they could promote all their tourism offer online. This was a solution that they were not expecting and ended up being a game changer for our client.

Bringing fresh eyes to the discussion is enriching and necessary if you want your business to move forward. Especially when talking about a field that is constantly changing, like technology.

Reducing risks associated with a bad implementation of a new technology

Developing your own system when you don’t have the expertise is not only time-consuming but also risky. A broken software can directly impact the customer experience with your brand. In the worst-case scenario, it can impact your income if customers are not able to complete a payment, for example.

Imagine a hotelier that has implemented an online booking system for its business on its own. A failure on the database that erases all the reservations is enough to bring chaos to the business operation. Not only that, customers will be unhappy and likely to cancel the reservation and ask for a refund.

Working with an IT partner mitigates the risks related to the implementation of such a project. Before the software is live, all of its features and functionalities are extensively tested. And after the project is over, your partner will still give you support in case of an unexpected failure.

Sharing their knowledge with your team

When you partner with an IT company you not only get a technology that will boost your business’s results but also all the knowledge that your partner has regarding using and maintaining your new system.

This knowledge is passed to your team through the documentation created while developing your solution and the training provided to your team on how to use it.

At the end of the day, your partner is sharing with you years of theoretical and practical experience. Otherwise, you would need to assemble and train an in-house team for your digital transformation. The last is definitely time and resource-consuming.

Assisting you with the strategic planning of your business

Going through a digital transformation requires you to rethink your business goals and objectives. By doing that you should also consider new metrics to measure the success of your efforts.

This new strategic plan should take into account the technology that is being implemented. Because of that your IT partner is key in this process. They can contribute by providing a new perspective and insights on how the solutions implemented play a role in your company’s success, as well as how to measure it.

We are talking about projects that take months if not years to complete. During this period there will be several meetings and exchanges between both teams, and it’s natural for your IT partner to contribute to your company’s strategic plan during this journey.


Upgrading your business operations and processes is essential if you want to stay relevant in a competitive environment. If you are not working on that, be sure your competitors are.

And what is the best way to promote the digital transformation of your business? By partnering with an IT company.

Your IT partner can contribute to it by:

  • Giving insights and a new perspective on your business challenges
  • Reducing risks associated with a bad implementation of a new technology
  • Sharing their knowledge with your team
  • Assisting you with the strategic planning of your business

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