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OSSY is a next-generation platform that helps retail industry professionals present their skills and find the best possible employer.

Founded by industry experts Roi Peters and Ron Thurston, author of the best-seller “Retail Pride: The Guide to Celebrating Your Accidental Career”, it is on a mission to deliver a platform where applicants can easily establish their professional online resume with the help of the OSSY team and artificial intelligence.

OSSY is Not a Standard Recruiting Agency

OSSY helps retailers and solution providers find and hire the best talents. They are fully dedicated to the retail ecosystem.

The founders want to elevate the employment experience and personal development of all applicants listed on the OSSY platform. The secret sauce is a mix of fantastic knowhow and experience – Ron has been excelling at his role of helping, managing, and coaching retail teams for the last 30+ years.

To quote, our colleagues from OSSY – a successful brick-and-mortar retail business requires three things:

  • proud,
  • well-trained, and
  • engaged people working for a retail brand rooted in strong cultural values fueled by great technology

OSSY platform helps applicants build their digital resume smarter using tools, and smart onboarding questions combined with deep industry know-how and usage of artificial intelligence.

Nowadays, no one is a fan of creating resumes and sending CVs and portfolios.  OSSY goes two steps forward, creates a great digital resume experience, and provides coaching and personal development options so employees can showcase their best in front of employers.

Using AI, they help candidates improve their online presence and better prepare for any job interview. Combined with free resources for career growth,

OSSY uniquely represents applicants and employees, offering a personalized job search approach and access to numerous free resources for career growth.

OSSY Revolutionary Recruiting Platform

With their platform training and personal development, OSSY helps retailers connect with job candidates for the most important roles through a groundbreaking, cost-saving strategy, relentlessly championing your success.‍
OSSY believes you can’t deliver the results that you require without the right team in every single location – the smaller the team, the more critical that statement becomes.

In today’s retail landscape, it is more important than ever for retailers to build a company culture around the community on the front line.

What Did We Do

ViagemIT is an ongoing technology partner for OSSY and our team helps them in the areas of:

  • Product Development
  • Product / Project Management
  • Integration of Artificial Intelligence into the process of onboarding applicants
  • Process Automation
  • UI / UX Development
  • Project Planning
  • Agile Management

We are proud to say within only a few months, we delivered several major releases and we enjoy working with a vibrant and great OSSY team that wants to make a difference.

Check out more on www.useossy.com 

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