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DMV – Deutsches Makler Verzeichnis

DMV is a shorter name for “Deutsche Makler Verzeichnis” – a reputation manager portal for real estate agents in Germany. This is a project still being developed and will be launched in 2023.   Together with our partners from Maklerpedia Group, we will launch a site that will aggregate verified and unverified online reviews of real estate agents as well as their rental and sale offers and success rates.   Through DMV, real estate agents will be able to get their ranking on a national, regional and local level, the same way you can see who has a great rating at and TripAdvisor.   Powered by a machine learning setup, we want to ensure tenants, landlords, buyers and sellers can recognize verified and great real estate agents.
What did we do
Our engineering team has been involved in developing the DMV platform from the scratch
  • Full-stack Development for the entire product lifecycle, data migrations, dashboard analytics, deployment CI/CD process
  • UI/UX development and design
  • Machine Learning and BI Infrastructure
  • IT Consulting

DMV is a shorter name for "Deutsche Makler Verzeichnis" - a reputation manager portal for real estate agents in Germany.

Business Domain:
Real Estate, Recommendation Engines, Property Management
IT Consulting, Product Development, UI / UX Design

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