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Miet Gesuche

Miet Gesuche   Miet-Gesuche is a next-generation web3 platform that helps connect tenants, landlords, and real estate agents. The project was built as an MVP in late 2020 and continuously developed in partnership with Martin Mayer, head of Maklerpedia company and his team that has been working on digital and printed real estate projects within the last 15 years.   Miet-Gesuche is a platform where tenants can create their profiles, and share information about their property preferences and more about themselves. This way they can share their profile with potential landlords, print the documents needed to apply for an apartment and use that profile to apply for any significant real-estate ad board.   On the other hand, landlords can be in a good position to publish their property and manage all their tenant leads in one place – invite them for an apartment showcase, reject their application or invite them to connect with good agents.   Agents on the other end are using Miet-Gesuche to promote their offers on multiple websites and all leads will apply through the Miet-Gesuche application so that way, agents can manage and message all tenants from one platform.   Miet-Gesuche is an absolute lifesaver for agents. On the other hand, tenants can create one profile and share it with every property ad which helps them save a ton of time.
What did we do
Our engineering team has been involved in developing the Orioly platform from the scratch
  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Web Application – Developing UI / UX design – wireframing and design
  • Full-stack Development for the entire product lifecycle, data migrations, dashboard analytics, deployment CI/CD process
  • Implementing email automation sequences for all types of customers – tenants, landlords and real estate agents

Miet-Gesuche is a next-generation web3 platform that helps connect tenants, landlords, and real estate agents.

Business Domain:
Real estate, Property Advertising, Management
Product Development, UI Design, UX Design, Full-stack Development

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