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Molo Longo Booking Engine

  Molo Longo is the #1 Croatian / SEE integrated hotel. They managed more than 250 premium vacation properties. They manage booking, reservations, and facility management, and provide a full-tourism service for their own and property owners.   In 2021, they approached us and asked us to implement a new booking engine, implement a price-based advanced search engine and connect with their property management system.   The web design was done by their internal design team, while our goal was to implement integration with their PMS, implement a booking engine along with the payment gateway.   We had to ensure the booking engine was scalable and can be easily moved to other websites of the client – not just for apartments, but also for villas sites as well + support multiple languages.
What did we do
  • Booking engine development
  • Advanced search engine
  • Live data availability integration
  • Custom reporting and premium IT / CX support

Developing a custom booking engine to match their operations and business workflow.

Business Domain:
Digital Transformation, Travel-tech, Tourism
Product Integration, Consulting, API Integration

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