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Tour Explorer

TourExplorer is a simple and easy-to-use content management system for destination management organisations and tourism businesses that want to promote and present “what to do” and “experience” products of their market. The idea started in 2019 when Orioly product team realised a lot of companies are using WordPress solutions but having a problem of handling the data, not to mention share aggregated content among their websites. Our team worked with Orioly product owners to build a light CMS that can be easily integrated with any booking engine. The end goal was to provide a system that can help stakeholders what the destination offers, through a homepage, search engine, and map display. The system allows stakeholders to administrate the content, while local tourism stakeholders can manage their own content pages. At the same time, each page can support external booking/inquiry engines or Orioly booking engines.  
What did we do
  • Product Management
  • Project Management¬†
  • UI / UX design – wireframing and design
  • Full-stack Development for the entire product lifecycle,
  • Data migrations, dashboard analytics, deployment CI/CD process

TourExplorer is a light content management system built for travel companies, hotels, destination marketing and management organizations that aggregate tourism products in one place.

Business Domain:
Digital Transformation, Travel-tech, Tourism
Product Development, UI Design, UX Design, Full-stack Development

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