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  Are you looking for advice about your investments, pension, or accounting? Enter your preferences, and submit your postcode and Unbiased will provide you a list of experts in your area. If you need more details, type a bit more information and Unbiased will send your request to multiple experts so they can reach you as soon as possible.   Our team helped the Unbiased team implement a redesigned and revamped version of their B2B platform for financial advisers, implement two portal redesigns, and implement a lead generation system for financial advisers so they can purchase received leads.
What did we do
  • Full-stack Development for the entire product lifecycle, data migrations, dashboard analytics
  • Lead Generation System Implementation
  • Front-end development
  • Framework migration
  • 3rd party data integration
  • Search engine upgrades

Unbiased is one of the leading UK online platforms for finding vetted financial advisers/experts.

Business Domain:
Digital Transformation, Financial Advisory
Full-stack Development, Data Migration

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