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We streamline real estate work by automating your tasks through digital solutions.

The real estate market demands quick responsiveness, client-focused services, and effective tracking of customer needs. However, it can be overwhelming to manage a multitude of information, emails, calls, and various communication channels. Don’t fall into the trap of endless messaging that leads nowhere.

At ViagemIT, we empower brokers and agents to automate their businesses and showcase their services at the highest level. Our digital solutions are not only useful and intuitive but also designed to make your life easier. By automating key processes, brokers and agents can regain their focus and excel in what they do best: selling and renting dream houses for their clients.

Delivering a high-quality website connected to your in-house or 3rd-party tools

Connecting your office tools with communication tools and lead management platforms

Developing internal applications and solutions to support the business

Setting up Google tools to be recognized among the customer base

We are specialized in creating or implementing digital solutions that help real estate agents and brokers.


Together with our partners, we have launched Miet-Gesuche, a revolutionary platform catering to the German market. This disruptive platform enables tenants to create detailed profiles and effortlessly share them with landlords, simplifying the process of applying for a new apartment.

By funneling all tenant prospects and contacts into one application, Miet-Gesuche eliminates the hassle of managing countless emails and rental requests from various portals. Let us automate these tasks and save you valuable time, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.


Makler-Empfehlung is a pioneering portal for verified reviews of real estate agents in Germany. We collaborate with the Makler-Empfehlung team to manage their operations and new portal requests. Our shared goal is to help agents showcase their quality through outstanding customer feedback, fostering trust and credibility.


Postbank Immobilien

As partners of Makler-Empfehlung, we assist Postbank Immobilien, one of Germany’s largest real estate broker companies. By managing their agent network, review systems, and reputation data, we ensure their continued success and track their achievements in the market.

Postbank Immobilien

Molo Longo

Our collaboration with Molo Longo, a prominent client from Croatia, involved digitizing their premium vacation rental offerings. With more than 400 apartments and houses, we automated their booking process, seamlessly integrating it with their property management system. As a result, Molo Longo can now accept direct instant bookings, providing a superior experience for their customers.

Molo Longo

Sierra Interactive

We have had the privilege of working with Sierra Interactive, renowned for its top-tier real estate in-house back office management and process operations. Our team focused on enhancing the user experience, enabling brokers to efficiently manage property data and optimize day-to-day operations, ultimately improving their overall productivity.

Sierra Interactive

DMV (Deutsche Makler Verzeichnis)

DMV will be our latest project, which is scheduled for launch in late 2023 or early 2024—an innovative platform serving as a real estate broker reputation manager portal. By providing comprehensive review statistics, the latest sales updates, and national, regional, and local rankings, DMV empowers users to gain valuable insights into the operations of real estate companies

DMV (Deutsche Makler Verzeichnis)

Verified Financial Advisors Platform

Our collaboration with Unbiased, the UK’s number one search engine for finding the best financial advisers, has enabled us to help both clients and agents. Through the Unbiased platform, clients can find trusted advisers to assist with personal investment and property management, while agents receive fully qualified leads, generating additional revenue for their business.

We Don’t Just Create Websites or Applications — We Tailor Solutions to Your Needs

At ViagemIT, we go beyond delivering generic websites or applications. We want to understand the unique challenges you face so that we can leverage our existing solutions and customize them to your specific requirements.


Professional Business Presentation

We develop high-quality websites seamlessly integrated with your in-house or third-party tools, elevating your business image and leaving a lasting impression on potential clients.


Enhanced Communication and Lead Management

By connecting your office tools with advanced communication platforms and lead management systems, we streamline your operations, ensuring efficient communication and effective lead handling.


Internal Application Development

Our team specializes in developing customized internal applications and solutions to support and enhance your real estate business, allowing for smoother processes and increased productivity.


Google Tools Integration

We assist you in setting up and leveraging Google tools to gain recognition and visibility among your customer base, ensuring that your business stands out from the competition.

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