9 Real Estate Marketing Trends for 2024

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The year just started and I bet you are already hands-on planning business strategies to outgrow last year’s results. If that’s your case, stop what you are doing and take a couple of minutes to take a look at the real estate marketing trends for 2024.

Learning what is hot in real estate marketing will give you valuable insights into innovative tools and strategies to effectively reach and engage potential clients, enhance property appeal, generate quality leads, and stay ahead in a competitive market.

If you are not worried about how to attract more customers to your business this year, be sure your competitors are.

So let’s cut the chase and dive into some of the pivotal real estate marketing trends that will help you excel in this dynamic environment.

The State of Real Estate

The global real estate sector was marked by a dynamic environment last year.

Realtors faced fluctuating demand and customers had to cope with changing prices.

Most of it was due to economic shifts and the change in buyers’ preferences towards technological and sustainable properties.

A survey conducted by the National Association of REALTORS® revealed that 2023 faced a decline in existing-home sales by nearly 19.1% from 2022.

Another study from the same organization showed that approximately 48% of real estate professionals noted that their clients expressed interest in sustainability, indicating a growing consumer preference for eco-conscious properties.

Last year was not marked only by turmoil in the real estate market. The year 2023 can be considered the year that virtual tours and augmented reality became mainstream for property showings.

More and more agents are using VR tours to enhance buyer experience and reach.

This shift, as reported by the National Association of Realtors, reflects a growing emphasis on digital tools to engage tech-savvy buyers and expand market reach.

Why keep an eye on the real estate marketing trends for 2024?

Following the real estate marketing trends for 2024 allows agents to leverage cutting-edge technologies and changing consumer preferences, enhancing property visibility and appeal, and ultimately leading to more effective sales strategies and successful transactions.

Here are the top trends we identified for the next year.

1. Embracing Technology: The Digital Frontier

The digital revolution in real estate marketing is not just continuing; it’s accelerating.

In 2024, the forefront of this movement is marked by immersive technologies like virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR).

These technologies are transforming property showcasing, enabling potential buyers to experience properties remotely in a way that was unimaginable a few years ago.

Virtual tours, 3D property models, and AR-enabled applications provide a rich, interactive experience, making property viewing convenient and engaging.

This not only saves time but also broadens the market reach beyond geographical constraints.

AI and Big Data: Personalization and Predictive Analytics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data are playing increasingly critical roles in real estate marketing.

AI-driven tools are enabling highly personalized marketing efforts, targeting potential buyers with precision based on their browsing history, preferences, and behavior patterns.

Predictive analytics, powered by AI and big data, are providing real estate marketers with insights into market trends, price fluctuations, and consumer preferences, allowing for more strategic decision-making.

2. Social Media and Content Marketing: Building Relationships

Social media continues to be a powerful tool for real estate marketers in 2024.

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are not just channels for advertising; they are venues for storytelling, brand building, and community engagement.

High-quality, engaging content – be it blogs, videos, or virtual tours – shared on these platforms helps in building a connection with the audience.

Leveraging these platforms for targeted advertising, live Q&A sessions, and virtual open houses will continue to be effective in nurturing leads and building brand loyalty.

3. Sustainability: A Key Selling Point

The growing consciousness about environmental sustainability is a trend that is influencing buyer preferences in 2024.

Properties that boast eco-friendly features and sustainable design are increasingly appealing.

Marketers need to highlight aspects such as:

  • Energy-efficient appliances
  • Solar panels
  • High-performance insulation and windows
  • The use of non-toxic, sustainable, or recycled materials in construction
  • Smart thermostats, lighting, and energy management systems

This not only appeals to environmentally conscious buyers but also aligns with global trends towards sustainability.

4. The Rise of Remote Work and its Impact

The shift towards remote work, accelerated by the global events of the past few years, has had a profound impact on real estate preferences.

There’s a growing demand for properties that cater to the needs of remote workers – think home offices, high-speed internet, and tranquil environments.

Real estate marketing in 2024 needs to adapt to this shift, emphasizing these features in listings and marketing materials.

5. Customer Experience: The Ultimate Differentiator

In a highly competitive market, the customer experience can be a key differentiator.

This goes beyond the property itself and encompasses every touchpoint a customer has with your brand.

Seamless, efficient, and personalized interactions at every stage of the buying process are crucial.

Utilizing CRM systems, chatbots for instant communication, and maintaining consistent, high-quality service are essential strategies.

6. Leveraging Local SEO

In 2024, local SEO remains a vital component of real estate marketing.

Optimizing for local search helps in attracting potential buyers who are searching for properties in specific areas.

This includes leveraging Google My Business listings, obtaining positive reviews, and creating locally relevant content.

Being easily discoverable in local searches significantly boosts visibility and lead generation.

7. Video Marketing: A Must-Have Strategy

The power of video in real estate marketing continues to grow in 2024.

Videos offer a dynamic way to showcase properties, tell stories, and convey information in an engaging manner.

From virtual tours to drone footage showing the neighborhood, videos provide a rich, immersive experience.

They are also highly shareable across various platforms, increasing reach and engagement.

8. The Importance of Mobile Optimization

With an ever-increasing number of people using mobile devices to search for properties, mobile optimization is no longer optional.

Websites and listings need to be mobile-friendly, with responsive designs and fast loading times.

A mobile-optimized experience caters to the on-the-go lifestyle of modern consumers and is critical for effective online presence and customer satisfaction.

9. Interactive and Responsive Design

Websites and online platforms in 2024 need to be not just informative but also interactive and responsive.

Features like online chat support, interactive maps, and responsive design enhance the user experience.

These features make the process of finding and viewing properties easier and more engaging, which is key in converting leads into sales.


Real estate marketing in 2024 is a multifaceted arena where technology, sustainability, and customer experience converge. Embracing the latest digital trends, creating engaging content, and providing a seamless customer experience are essential for success.

In this article, we listed 9 trends that will influence the marketing strategy of real estate agents in 2024:

  1. Embracing Technology
  2. Social Media and Content Marketing
  3. Sustainability as a Selling Point
  4. Impact of Remote Work
  5. Customer Experience Focus
  6. Local SEO Optimization
  7. Video Marketing Importance
  8. Mobile Optimization
  9. Interactive and Responsive Design

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