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We partner with our clients to ensure products are built with a proper business strategy.

We streamline travel companies by automating tasks and helping customers book using digital solutions.

The tourism industry brings happiness to its guests and customers. Nowadays, tourists want to get all the needed information as soon as possible and their window of attention is short. The tourism industry is here to provide them with the best experience. And to do that, it is critical to bring all needed services in front of tourists and guests.

At ViagemIT, we work with tour suppliers, travel agencies, hotels and platforms in building the efficient online presence, but before all of it, to automate their businesses and showcase their services at the highest level. Our digital solutions are not only useful and intuitive but also designed to make your life easier. By automating key processes, tourism experts can regain their focus and excel in what they do best: providing the best travel and hospitality experience.

Delivering a high-quality business solutions and online platforms connected to your in-house or 3rd-party tools

Connecting your office tools online travel platforms and agencies

Deliver solutions to automate your business and increase your efficiency

Help travel companies build solutions that will increase their business network

We are specialized in creating or implementing digital solutions that help travel companies and destination management organisations.



Orioly is a travel tech company that provides booking management tools for SMB tour companies. It helps them implement a booking engine on their websites, and connect to OTAs (online travel agencies) such as GetYourGuide, Expedia, Musement, Viator, etc. Also, Orioly helps companies share and distribute their products (bike tours, tickets, walking tours, museum tours) with hotels and other partners, manages invoices, commissions, and helps them scale their business.

Orioly started in 2013 and its team has been recognized as a leading tour and experience opinion maker in South-eastern Europe. The company was nominated as one of the best startups in 2017 in the region.

Tour Explorer

TourExplorer is a simple and easy-to-use content management system for destination management organizations and tourism businesses that want to promote and present “what to do” and “experience” products of their market.

The end goal was to provide a system that can help stakeholders what the destination offers, through a homepage, search engine, and map display.

The system allows stakeholders to administrate the content, while local tourism stakeholders can manage their own content pages. At the same time, each page can support external booking/inquiry engines.


Secra is one of the leading European companies providing channel managers for promoting and booking vacation rentals. The company started its operations in 1999 and since then it has been working on building web and business solutions for vacation rental owners, vacation rental managers and DMOs.

Their focus is on providing technology that helps rental house owners promote their properties to tourists and guests. Their channel manager supports connections with 20+ online travel agencies like, Airbnb, Expedia, and a lot of DACH and North Germany portals.

Molo Longo

Our collaboration with Molo Longo, a prominent client from Croatia, involved digitizing their premium vacation rental offerings. With more than 400 apartments and houses, we automated their booking process, seamlessly integrating it with their property management system. As a result, Molo Longo can now accept direct instant bookings, providing a superior experience for their customers.

Molo Longo


DivineHorizon is a private tour company based in Rome. They provide amazing tours in several Italian cities.

After working with the world’s most exclusive clients for more than 30 years, they discovered that the key was to make historical data, art, and monuments understandable, entertaining, and most importantly, unforgettable.

We helped their team create a super creative and picturesque web experience that will attract more guests.

Experience Moslavina

Moslavina is a continental region in central Croatia. It provides a great mix of nature and gastronomy delicacies. It is still not set on tourism roadmaps, which is a shame as it offers a palette of natural pieces, great food, and excellent countryside locations.

As it is told, it is a hidden land within a well-established worldwide known tourism destination.

Our product team worked with Moslavina DMOs to gather all offer, set up all those companies to be able to sell online, get online reservations and start promoting their offer online.

We Don’t Just Create Websites or Applications — We Tailor Solutions to Your Needs

At ViagemIT, we go beyond delivering generic websites or applications. We want to understand the unique challenges you face so that we can leverage our existing solutions and customize them to your specific requirements.


Professional Business Presentation

We develop high-quality websites seamlessly integrated with your in-house or third-party tools, elevating your business image and leaving a lasting impression on potential clients.


Enhanced Communication and Lead Management

By connecting your office tools with advanced communication platforms and lead management systems, we streamline your operations, ensuring efficient communication and effective lead handling.


Internal Application Development

Our team specializes in developing customized internal applications and solutions to support and enhance your tourism or hospitality business, allowing for smoother processes and increased productivity.

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