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Postbank Immobilien

Postbank Immobilien is one of the biggest real estate agencies in Germany. They are a part of the Postbank Group and manages thousands of landlord / tenant / buyer requests per week. Their mission is to help their clients find the best possible property and provide a top quality service. Makler-Empfehlung is a leading German portal for gathering verified reviews of real estate agents. Founded in 2011, the mission of ME was to build a place where real estate agents can invite their customers to leave a review that will later be verified by the ME team. Their biggest client is Postbank Immobilien where we were working on custom reporting services for agent reviews on multiple platforms to support their network of more than 1000 real estate agents.
What did we do
Our engineering team has been involved in:
  • Custom Dashboards and Analytics
  • Management of review data, security setup to implement review plugins

Helping premium real estate agency manage and track review data for their agents

Business Domain:
Real estate, Property Advertising, Management
Product Development, Consulting, Server Infrastructure

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